Il Commendatore Giuseppe Bellora acquistò la terra che costituisce oggi la Tenuta di Naiano.
tommaso bellora

Our history

“…you just need to taste our wines to enjoy and to relish the whole history, the fruits of the land and of the human being…”

Comm. Giuseppe Bellora – The founder

1939 – The foundation

It was in the distant 1939 when the commander Giuseppe Bellora bought the land that today is Naiano Estate. Giuseppe Bellora had a deep passion for the country life and for the all products that the land had inside itself. It’ s from this introduction that was born the Naiano’s production of wines, oil and vinegar as an absolute quality’s guarantee and strong link to the territory.


He had a costant desire to keep searching new wines and exploring different traditions and styles of life. In few years, in the Naiano’s wine consumers and admirers, the slogan “Drink Naiano, be sound!” spread rapidly.“

1969 – Naiano’s consolidation

It was in a context of continuous renewal that Mr. Gianni Bellora carried on the leadership of his father and focus himself to find the best way to improve the fermentation and wine making technics. He invested a lot in vineyards and in new cellar technologies giving to Naiano a special feature to be one of the most well known company in the production of Classic Bardolino, from the beginning the company’ s trademark.

1999 – The new commercial politics

In the third family generation, Dr. Tommaso Bellora, Gianni’s son, from many years is concentrated to study and develop wine and oil marketing and sales in Italy and mostly in foreign countries. Thanks to his growing passion linked to a strong creativity Tommaso recently started producing new high quality wine lables like Amarone, Nepitello, Valpolicella Ripasso Gianni Bellora, Valpolicella Superiore Il Mastego and Spumante Brut ‘La Pelizzara’.